I'm a Beauty Editor, and This Luxe Face Oil Created by an Instagram 'It' Girl Is Worth the Hype

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<p>Instagram @thefeelist</p>

Instagram @thefeelist

As a beauty editor, it’s my job to try the latest and greatest skincare launches — and usually, I’m thrilled to do it. But a few years ago, when I found myself on the receiving end of several face oils, the hottest new product category at the time, my typical discernment grew to all-out skepticism. I understood the science, and I’d even heard anecdotal praise, but the idea of putting oil on my skin was really just unconvincing. I wasn’t sure how it would penetrate my skin deeply enough to actually moisturize, and I was certain it would make me break out. I was a cream-based moisturizer girl, I told myself, and I was determined to stay that way.

About two years ago, however, I started hearing some serious rumblings about a new face oil from influencer Shea Marie’s skincare brand, The Feelist. The Most Wanted Radiant Face Oil was touted as “the face oil for people who hate face oils” by a number of outlets, and many of my fellow beauty editors were raving about it, saying that it really worked. My interest was piqued, but it wasn’t until I saw some impressive before-and-afters from users who said the oil actually helped their acne that I decided to try it.



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The big difference, it seemed, came down to one ingredient: 500 milligrams of hemp-derived broad spectrum CBD. Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can actually calm redness and irritation and fight blemishes — which explained why 98 percent of people reported clearer skin after using the Most Wanted face oil. This, along with a nourishing blend of oils like jojoba, marula, rosehip, and evening primrose, helps to moisturize and repair skin, as well as promote elasticity.

When I tried The Feelist face oil, I immediately understood what all the hype was about. It felt at once deeply moisturizing and lightweight, like it would keep my skin hydrated all day long without leaving a thick, shiny layer behind or interfering with my makeup. As I let it take the place of my usual cream moisturizers over the next week, I actually started to notice that amazingly, my skin was less irritated or prone to breakouts, and I was emitting a gorgeous glow. Plus, it withstood the frigid New York winter temperatures, keeping my usually dry skin nourished and offering a protective layer from the cold.

The Most Wanted Face Oil has become an instant staple in my morning skincare routine, and even when I try other moisturizers, I always find myself returning to this favorite. And while I personally think this kind of hydrating goodness is worth it at almost any price, the face oil (and everything else on The Feelist site) is 30 percent off now through November 27 with the code BFCM2022 at checkout; I wouldn’t miss out on this sale if I were you.

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