I'm here because Trump isn't: Bloomberg at COP25

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg appeared at a major climate conference in Madrid on Tuesday (December 10).

This year's U.N.'s Framework Convention on Climate Change, or COP25 for short, has been attended by government ministers from 190 countries.

Here's what the former mayor of New York had to say:


"The reason I am here in Madrid is very simple, I am here because President Trump is not. And I am here because his administration refuses to lead on climate change and so others must do the work. To confront the biggest threat facing humanity it is going to take a global response and that means not just mayors, of elected officials at every level in every party and private sector leaders from around the world all working together."

The United States is the world's biggest producer of greenhouse gases. Although the Trump administration has begun the process of removing the Paris climate agreement, several major cities and states have vowed to uphold it unilaterally.

Bloomberg is funding the coalition.