I'm a Dietitian & These Are the Snacks I Make Ahead for Busy Weeks

When thinking about meal prep, you might think of breakfast, lunch or dinner. But one meal that is often overlooked: snacks! It's helpful to have healthy snacks at-the-ready for when hunger strikes (or to help tide you over until your next meal). Much like other meals, healthy snacks can be made ahead of time to simplify your week while saving you time and money. These recipes are some of my favorites for a lot of reasons—they all showcase filling and healthy ingredients like nuts and legumes, they're budget-friendly and many are even shelf stable or can be frozen. Recipes like Fruit & Nut Popcorn Trail Mix and Super-Seed Snack Bars come to my rescue during busy weeks, and our Classic Hummus with sliced vegetables is endlessly customizable to your flavor preferences. These make-ahead snacks help me feel full, focused and energized, all while staying within my budget. For more, check out Thrifty, where we cover all things budget, sustainability and beginner cooking tips.

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