Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds opens up about daily 'battle’ with inflammatory arthritis of the spine

Jami Ganz, New York Daily News
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Dan Reynolds can’t imagine letting his inflammatory arthritis of the spine stop him.

The Imagine Dragons frontman isn’t letting his ankylosing spondylitis, commonly known as AS, and the chronic pain it causes keep him from doing his thing, the Grammy nominee told Us Weekly in a new interview out Thursday.

The “Radioactive” singer, 33, was in his early 20s when an “unexplained back pain” made it impossible for him to perform and he learned he had AS.

“I could hardly get out of bed,” he told the outlet, noting he saw different doctors, none of whom knew “what was going on, or they thought they knew what was going on and they’d misdiagnosed me.”

Reynolds was eventually diagnosed correctly by rheumatologists, who he said then got him “on the road to recovery and really changed my whole life for the better."

Though AS is “a battle” Reynolds contends with daily, he said the support he has really helps.

“I have a treatment plan, I have people on my side. I have a community behind me.”

The “Monster” singer now raises awareness about the condition, which is both rare and treatable, through the Monster Pain in the AS campaign.

The campaign offers a quiz to help people identify the cause of their back pain, as well as details about the condition such as symptoms, and tips to manage and treat AS once it’s diagnosed.


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