'Immediate Action' To Stop Omicron + No Serious Injuries In Crash

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MILWAUKEE, WI — Miss any stories in Wisconsin this week? Here are the top stories.

Omicron In WI: 'Immediate Action' Needed To Prevent Deaths

MILWAUKEE, WI — Health officials call on Wisconsinites to "take urgent action" to prevent more hospitalizations and deaths in face of the omicron variant. Read more.

No Serious Injuries In Massive Car Pileup In Western Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE, WI — No deaths or serious injuries were reported by Wisconsin State Patrol after nearly 40 vehicles were in scattered crashes near Eau Claire. Read more.

First Young Child Dies Of COVID-19 In Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE, WI — A child younger than 9 died of COVID-19 in Wisconsin, marking the first death in children younger than 10 recorded by state health services. Read more.

Walgreens, CVS Limit At-Home COVID-19 Tests In Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE, WI — Walgreens limited its over the counter COVID-19 tests due to demand ramping up, as Wisconsin struggles under a growing burden of infections. Read more.

Milwaukee Police Officers To Vaccinate After Union-City Deal

MILWAUKEE, WI — Members of the Milwaukee Police Association must get vaccinated for COVID-19 or mask up after a union and the city signed an agreement. Read more.

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