Immigrants in sanctuary hope Biden offers relief

Maria Macario has been living in a Massachusetts church for three years to avoid deportation to Guatemala and separation from her U.S. citizen sons. She is among dozens of immigrant activists who've taken sanctuary as a last resort to stay in the U.S. who are now newly hopeful under President Joe Biden. (Feb. 4)

Video Transcript


SAUL MACARIO: It breaks my heart seeing her inside here. Sorry. I guess I just want her to be free.

- We are part of your family.

SAUL MACARIO: Yeah, I still remember the day she left.

- You have helped us very much.

SAUL MACARIO: It was snowing that day. I was sleeping. And she just comes in the room, and she wakes up and says she's leaving. And I didn't know what to do. I just cried all night and-- but I'm glad I get to see her. I mean, if she was where they wanted to send her, I wouldn't have the privilege of seeing her up close.


That's my family. It's a lot of family.