Immigration is the most polarizing issue in the U.S., new polling shows

Stef W. Kight
·1 min read

Data: The American Aspirations Index/Populace; Chart: Will Chase/Axios

Immigration was found to be the most polarizing issue in America based on new polling from Populace.

Why it matters: Americans have surprisingly similar priorities for the U.S., but immigration stands out as one of the few issues with clear partisan differences. It underscores the challenge for advocates and lawmakers hoping to pass immigration reform in the coming weeks amid narrow margins in Congress.

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  • The split helps explain why former President Trump opened his CPAC speech focused on immigration — it's a top issue for his voters. Openness to immigration, though, wasn't the same national priority for Biden voters.

  • The survey bolstered Morning Consult polling out last month that found Biden's immigration moves were some of his least popular early executive actions, largely due to strong opposition from Republican respondents.

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