'Imminent' collapse of FL wastewater retention pond -officials

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis issued a State of Emergency for Manatee County on Saturday (April 3), due to the possible collapse of a dam containment wall.

CBS News reported that public safety officials in Manatee County, Florida ordered a complete evacuation of the Piney Point reservoir site and surrounding areas.

Officials say the dam wall -a phosphogypsum stack - collapsed further despite efforts to stop it.

Sauer said part of the containment wall shifted laterally, signifying that structural collapse could occur "at any time."

Video Transcript

- A leak in the containment wall has been ongoing at the Piney Point facility over the past week as we all know. Public works worked overnight on April 2 in an attempt to fix the leak, but those attempts were unsuccessful. At approximately 10:30 AM on April 3 today, onsite engineers deemed the situation to be escalating, and all command staff and residents of that area were again issued an evacuation notice.

A portion of the containment wall at the leak site shifted laterally signifying that structural collapse could occur at any time. Staff and personnel responding to the incident have relocated to here at the Manatee County Public Safety Center and our Emergency Operations Center to coordinate the response.

- Residents within the evacuation zone are believed to be out and safe. Law enforcement personnel have been shifted to ensure safety and to restrict access to the affected areas around Piney Point, the stacks.