Impeachment manager shows unseen Capitol footage

One new clip showed Senator Mitt Romney, a Republican from Utah, running to safety after the mob breached the Capitol, thanks to a last-minute warning from a Capitol police officer. That policeman, Eugene Goodman, has been praised for his quick actions on that day.

Another new clip showed former Vice President Mike Pence being quickly ushered to safety, along with family.

Pence oversaw the formal certification of President Joe Biden's victory during the Jan. 6 proceedings at the Capitol, despite pressure from Trump to halt the process.

Video Transcript

- Officer Goodman passes Senator Mitt Romney and directs him to turn around in order to get to safety. On the first floor, just beneath them, the mob had already started to search for the Senate Chamber.


- This video is on the second floor of the Senate wing of the Capitol. The red dot, as you recall, represents the insurrectionists. The blue dot is Officer Goodman, who led the mob away from the chamber just minutes earlier.

On the left-hand side of the video, just inside the hallway, is the door to the Senate Chamber. And watch how Officer Goodman provokes the rioters and purposefully draws them away from the door to the Senate Chamber and towards the other officers waiting down the hall. The rioter seen carrying a baseball bat in this video is the same one we saw moments ago breaching the window on the first floor. Vise President Pence was still in the room near the Senate Chamber. It was not until 2:26 that he was evacuated to a secure location.

This next security video shows that evacuation. His movements are depicted by the orange dot in our model. The red and blue dots represents the location where the mob and Officer Goodman were and where Officer Goodman led the mob away from the chamber just moments ago. You can see Vice President Pence and his family quickly moved down the stairs. The vice president turns around briefly as he's headed down.