Impeachment trial brings back haunting images of violent insurrection

CBS News senior national correspondent Mark Strassmann reports on the searing images that left an impact after this week's second impeachment trial for former President Donald Trump.

Video Transcript

MARGARET BRENNAN: The Senate impeachment trial put on display some harrowing new sights and sounds from January 6, as protesters stormed the Capitol and made their way into the Senate chamber. We asked our senior national correspondent Mark Strassmann to take a look at those images.


- We need units outside on the terrace ASAP! What are you doing? We're surrounded!

MARK STRASSMANN: January 6, American democracy's day of infamy.

- They're behind our lines!

MARK STRASSMANN: Watching this montage of mayhem--


MARK STRASSMANN: --it spasms of menace and mallet.


This is America?

- We were normal, good, law abiding citizens, and you guys did this to us!

MARK STRASSMANN: We learned a lot this week about how appalling many moments were. Pro-Trump rioters bludgeoned police, dragged them down flights of stairs.

MICHAEL FANONE: Looked like a medieval battle scene. At one point, I got teased. People were yelling out, you know, we got one. We got one.

MARK STRASSMANN: More clear than ever, the mob of hunters almost got elected leaders.

- Nancy! Where are you, Nancy?

MARK STRASSMANN: Here, you see Senator Mitt Romney abruptly reversing course away from rioters now inside the Capitol.


With gallows set up outside, the Secret Service whisked Vice President Mike Pence and his family. An aide carried what appeared to be one of the three nuclear footballs. Rioters came within 100 feet of them.


MARK STRASSMANN: Representatives and staff cowered and cried. Video showed Chuck Schumer and other senators evacuate the Senate floor. The newly complete narrative laid out this week, its arc of thuggish behavior, seditious acts, and close calls, was a gut punch to our sense of self and to senators watching the presentation.

TINA SMITH: I mean, I had tears in my eyes. You heard every single breath, every single sigh.

MARK STRASSMANN: But after an acquittal on the impeachment charge, there's worry about a lingering threat. What this video says most of all, no one wants to see a sequel.

JOE NEGUSE: If we pretend this didn't happen, or worse, if we let it go unanswered, who's to say it won't happen again?

MARK STRASSMANN: For "Face the Nation," I'm Mark Strassmann.