The Importance of RealFeel® Temperatures

The AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperature is an important weather tool that helps you plan your days. AccuWeather's Dexter Henry explores the value of RealFeel and how it's determined.

Video Transcript


DEXTER HENRY: No matter how it looks outside, before many step out there was one important thing they must do.

JOSEPH GALLO: I have to check the weather every day before I go out. I consider it a personal failure if I'm not dressed appropriately.

DEXTER HENRY: Staying weather-ready isn't just about understanding when precipitation may occur. Hoboken, New Jersey resident and AccuWeather marketing lead, Danielle Gizzo says knowing exactly how it feels outside is necessary. She monitors RealFeel temperatures on the AccuWeather app.

DANIELLE GIZZO: The RealFeel's great. It really has helped me to know how to prepare. Like, if I'm going for a run, to know if I need to layer up, wear an extra jacket, or can wear lighter layers. It just really helps me to prepare for my day.

DEXTER HENRY: The AccuWeather RealFeel temperature is the only index that considers more than temperature. Additional variables are used to determine how the air feels outside.

GEOFF CORNISH: The AccuWeather RealFeel temperature is calculated through seven different variables. There's temperature, wind speed, dew point or humidity. But also sky cover, precipitation or the lack thereof, the sun angle, the ultraviolet index, and then also the visibility.

DEXTER HENRY: Residents I spoke to say knowing RealFeel temperatures is always important. But how often they check for that information changes depending on how warm or how cold it is forecasted to be.

SIDNEY SNELL: Oh, in the winter, for sure. Yeah, I check it more then. In the summer, I like-- I just know it'll be warm no matter what, usually. So yeah.

DANIELLE GIZZO: I definitely do look at it more in the colder temperatures. But in the warmer temperatures, especially being in a city like Hoboken where there's a lot of outdoor dining and by-the-water and stuff, it's always helpful to have it in the warmer weather too.

DEXTER HENRY: Some are grateful to have access to accurate weather information that helps them make good decisions right at their fingertips.

JOSEPH GALLO: You have to calculate that that's something that you can't dismiss. This is what it-- you know, this is the temperature. But when that wind starts blowing, you're going to be cold or, you know, you're going to be prepared. It's one or the other.

DEXTER HENRY: No matter the season, there seems to be a desire for weather information and for everyone to enjoy their time outdoors. Reporting in Hoboken, New Jersey for AccuWeather, I'm Dexter Henry.