Impressive rookies in 2020

Liz Loza, Andy Behrens, Tank Williams and Matt Harmon discuss which rookies have made an immediate impact in the fantasy football world this season.

Video Transcript

LIZ LOZA: Guys, a lot to get to this week. But before we jump in, I wanted to talk rookies for a second. We got a pretty good sample size now. So which first year player has helped you the most, as a fantasy manager? And do you have any worries moving forward? Andy, what about you?

ANDY BEHRENS: Oh, man. A lot of helpful rookies this year-- Higgins, Jefferson, Herbert. But James Robinson is carrying, like, five of my teams.

I think if we think of the fantasy MVP conversation, in terms of draft position, like, he might be the fantasy MVP so far. If you're in a deep league, you probably took him in round 10, round 12, elsewhere. He was a weak one waiver add. He's averaging over 100 scrimmage yards per week, gets seven touchdowns.

I'm not particularly worried about him moving forward. When they get a negative game script, they just throw it to him six times. So Robinson has been absolutely carrying me.

LIZ LOZA: That's a really good pull. Matt, what about you? Who's helping your squad?

MATT HARMON: Yeah, I've got a whole bit about one rookie wide receiver later on in the show. So I'll stick with quarterback here. You talked about Justin Herbert. I don't necessarily have Herbert on too many teams. There are a couple where I picked him up off waivers.

But as someone that drafted Keenan Allen, Austin Ekeler, and then, you know, picked up Justin Jackson off waivers-- whatever, that whole deal-- a lot of Mike Williams in places too. Having this, like, transcendent talent at the quarterback position-- and that's what Justin Herbert's been; he's been unbelievable-- like, having him back there, instead of Tyrod Taylor, is absolutely saving a ton of my teams that I drafted Keenan Allen on this year.

LIZ LOZA: Look at you just tossing away Tyrod. My goodness. But I don't blame you. It is certainly a different offense with Herbert under center. Tank, what about you, friend?

TANK WILLIAMS: Well, yeah, in typical 2020 fashion, I don't have a Justin Herbert or a James Robertson or any rookie to talk about. My liners have been straight trash. And so my only hope is to redeem myself this week with a certain Jalen Reagor. So if he can do what he's supposed to do this week, then I'll have somebody to talk about next week. But as of right now, I can't do nothing for you, man.

LIZ LOZA: Well, that is why you are the daily fantasy guru. You don't need to worry about redraft when you've got the skills you do in DFS. So it's fine. Jalen Reagor-- that's a pretty deep pull.

Me, I have been equal parts relieved by and impressed with Tee Higgins. Andy mentioned him at the top of this, right? He's become the alpha of the Bengals receiving Corps.

We all knew that the torch was going to be passed at some point. But I didn't really expect it would happen so immediately. My only worry, outside of this week's match-up at Pittsburgh and the wind, is both he and Joe Burrow staying healthy.