Improve your sleep with these expert tips

After losing an hour Sunday, people can improve their sleep with various products, according to an expert.

Video Transcript

- Well, now that clocks have sprung forward and you lost an hour of sleep, you may be feeling pretty tired. And maybe it's going to catch up with you too, right? But there are products that can actually help you sleep better. So lifestyle expert Nekia Nichelle joins us to share a few of them. So first of all, good morning. Hope you changed your clock like we did here.

NEKIA NICHELLE: I sure did. I sure did. And I got a really good night's sleep, actually, last night. It was amazing.

- I'm so envious of you for that. But you have all kinds of different products and items that you want to show us that can actually help us get a better night's rest. So what are you starting off with?

NEKIA NICHELLE: Absolutely. Well, better sleep is definitely in the air with So Clean air purifier. Air purifiers capture airborne allergens and bacteria that could cause congestion and keep you up at night. But So Clean captures 99.999% of airborne viruses and bacteria, providing continual flow of fresh, clean room air.

Now, keep in mind that poor air quality, it does affect the upper airways, causing sleep apnea. But So Clean has various fan speed settings, also creating that perfect white noise for you.

Now, I also have another product which is amazing. I love weighted blankets. So the weighted bamboo blanket by Cariloha, that blanket is designed to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. It is made from eco-friendly and sustainable luxurious, soft bamboo, viscose fabric which repels odors and toxins. The blanket is weighted with Cariloha's innovative glass beads, which provides deep pressure touch that's going to increase those serotonin levels and endorphins for a more calm and relaxed sleep.

Now, also be careful what you drink before you go to bed because that can affect your sleep. But with Rest Assured Tea Infusions Sleep Supplement by Good Pharma, it is caffeine-free. It's a tasty tea infusion that supports the restorative sleep you thrive on.

Now, with this supplement, you can discover the profound effects restorative sleep has on the mind and body with big pharma's formulas. But from the founders of Mighty Leaf Tea, Good Pharma believes your highest potential comes from the ongoing practice of nourishing the mind, body, senses, and soul. And guess what. Get 15% off until March 20 using code LOYAL15.

And then the last thing that I have for you this morning is Frunutta. They are making a special melatonin supplement that can help you fall asleep as well. Now, it's sublingual, which is just a fancy word of saying it easily dissolves right under your tongue.

They have also-- you want to make sure you're doing proper vitamin intake because that's going to affect your sleep as well. So Frunutta has an entire line of clean vitamins, very clean, no fillers, no additives. It's just the vitamins.

So those are some great products to also help you fall asleep. But some tips, turn off that phone at night because that's going to affect your sleep as well. And just make sure what you watch on TV, that actually affects your sleep. It could keep you restless. So those things, I hope, can help you guys sleep a little better.

- Ah, yes. I'm always looking for any tidbit that might help me get more rest. That's for sure. So Nekia, thank you so much. Appreciate it.

NEKIA NICHELLE: Oh, of course. You have a great, I hope, night's rest later on, Stacey. I know you guys are up super early.

- I know. My clock is a ping pong ball. It bounces all over the place. But I'm going to try tonight. I'm going to try. So thank you. A quick recap there too, she recommends the air purifier, weighted blanket, tea fusion, vitamins, including melatonin.