Incarcerated Woman Gave Birth Alone in a Tennessee Jail

close up of women hand in jail with dark background

An incarcerated woman was forced to give birth alone in a Tennessee jail on Sunday. The woman and her baby were hospitalized after the birth, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office told the Associated Press.

The woman, whose name and age were not disclosed, reached out to a deputy for medical help at 11:31 a.m., according to a statement from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office statement released on Tuesday. Here’s what happened next, according to police:

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The number of states that still allow shackling people who are both pregnant and incarcerated is still in the double digits, despite federal law even attempting to curb the practice for those imprisoned on the federal level. “Shackling is a dehumanizing, traumatic experience for the pregnant person and their baby, and this legislation is just part of what it will take to ensure incarcerated, pregnant people have some sense of dignity and respect throughout their pregnancy,” Briana Perry, co-director of Healthy and Free Tennessee, told Jezebel’s last year.

While it’s unclear if the incarcerated woman gave birth while shackled, it’s unacceptable that she had to go through that experience alone and without medical assistance. The carceral state continues to be inhumane.

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