Incentives being used across the tri-state to get people vaccinated

The vaccine rollout in our area has been vital to lifting COVID-19 restrictions and mask mandates, but the work is far from over.

Video Transcript

- And now the details this half hour. The vaccine rollout in our area has been vital to lifting COVID-19 restrictions and mask mandates, but the work is far from over. As vaccination rates slow down, officials are shifting their strategies to bring the shots to more people. Action News reporter Gray Hall live in the satellite center tonight with more on those efforts. Gray.

- Hey, Rick.

GRAY HALL: Well, the attitude towards getting people vaccinated is whatever it takes, from cash prizes to free food and beer. The push is on to get shots into people's arms.

- Our goal is not to get to 70% of adults vaccinated, our goal is to get everyone in Philadelphia vaccinated. So we still have a lot of work ahead of us.

GRAY HALL: Across the country, there's a push to get more people vaccinated. President Joe Biden's goal is to have at least 70% of adults with at least one shot by July 4th.

- As of today, we're reporting more than 51% of Philadelphia adults are fully vaccinated and more than 66% of Philadelphia adults have at least one dose of vaccine.

GRAY HALL: Philadelphia Department of Public Health says it's well on its way to reach that 70%. Like other places, they are offering incentives. The city has partnered with local sports teams, giving away free game tickets and other perks. In the state of Delaware, people who get their shots have a chance to win thousands of dollars and other prizes. In New Jersey, residents who get vaccinated are being enticed with free beer, and wine, and free access to state parks. In our five county area, across the board, the number of people getting the shot dropped from May 4 through June 2. The latest data from the Philadelphia Department of Public Health echoing that downward trend and shows that in the month of May fewer people got vaccinated. Pop-up vaccination clinics like this one at the 69th Transportation Center, happening every Thursday, have been a big help with the vaccine rollout. The shots are free and no appointments are needed.

- Now, half of the adults in the city are fully vaccinated, like they can get back to doing just about everything at this point. I mean everything they've missed over the last year and a half is fair game at this point and we can't wait for everybody else to experience that.

GRAY HALL: And, of course, the push continues to get people to go out and get vaccinated. Happening this weekend, the Philadelphia Eagles are actually teaming up with the fire department to host a vaccination clinic. And then the Phillies and Penn Medicine will be hosting a vaccine clinic that is going to happen June 8 through the 10 during that series against the Braves. And if you'd like more information on those clinics, look for this story on Live in the satellite center, Gray Hall, Channel 6 Action News.