How inconvenient weather impacted the 1996 World Series

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How inconvenient weather impacted the 1996 World Series
How inconvenient weather impacted the 1996 World Series

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The 1996 World Series was set to begin on Oct. 19, with the first game between the Atlanta Braves and New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium in Bronx, N.Y. That was the plan, but the weather wasn't going to co-operate.

The World Series opener was postponed by heavy rains and high winds from a major storm system affecting the East Coast. It was only the third time in history that a World Series opener had been postponed. Nine of the 22 World Series games that were postponed, moved or cancelled were scheduled in New York or Brooklyn.

1024px-Yankee Stadium aerial from Blackhawk
1024px-Yankee Stadium aerial from Blackhawk

"This picture was taken from an Army Blackhawk helicopter." Courtesy of Severin St. Martin/Wikipedia/CC BY 2.0

The Oct. 19 storm was quite impactful. Highways were flooded, a record 110.5 mm of rain fell in Central Park and power was cut to 200,000 homes in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. In New York, the power outages were said to be the worst since Hurricane Gloria in 1985.

More than 203.2 m of rain fell in parts of New Jersey and a jet skidded off a runway at LaGuardia Airport, injuring five people and forcing the closure of the terminal for nearly 24 hours. The storm also resulted in the deaths of three people from falling trees.

On today's podcast, Chris Mei talks about the damaging storm that forced Game 1 to be rescheduled, the impacts and aftermath of it and the beginning of the Yankees' dynasty in the late-'90s.

To learn more about the rain-delayed 1996 World Series, listen to today's episode of "This Day In Weather History."

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