Incredible Close-Up Footage Captures Bear Hunting Salmon in Canada

A filmmaker in Canada managed, by chance, to capture incredible close-up footage of a bear snacking on salmon, according to CTV News.

Footage by Eiko Trevor Jones, who had set out to film salmon spawning, shows a black bear hunting for salmon, and managing to nab some fish, as captured by Jones’s underwater camera. He said the video was filmed in Campbell River, British Columbia.

Speaking to CTV News, he said: “I’ve filmed lots of spawning events in the past and I was trying to get the actual moment of egg-laying and noticed a particular bear coming to the exact spot every time.”

“It would always just sit there and wait and then when a chinook, or bigger coho came by, and occasionally pinks, it would pounce,” he said. Credit: Eiko Trevor Jones via Storyful

Video Transcript