Incumbents win in local W.Va. house seats

Nov. 9—FAIRMONT — The general election proved to be a time for incumbents in races for West Virginia House and Senate.

In Marion County, Republican Amy Summers will serve as District 73's House of Delegates member over Democrat Mike Manypenny with 68.44% of votes. Republican Mike DeVault will serve as the House of Delegates member for District 74 with 66.49% over Democrat John "Johnboy" Palmer. Devault defeated Del. Guy Ward in the May Primary.

"I feel great. Here in Marion County, as I campaigned, a lot of people who said they were Democrats all their life said they were going to vote Republican. It looks like Marion County really came out for that. Everybody wants a change and I think Republicans can deliver that. So, I'm excited and very grateful. I want to thank God, first and my wife. I've had a lot of support for this; this has been a long 10 months to campaign. I'm excited and happy for the results and I'm ready to get on with the next turn in the road," DeVault said.

DeVault said his goals are expanding business opportunities in West Virginia and bringing new business to the state that typically go elsewhere.

"The No. 1 thing that I can see is business retention and people retention. We've got to get new businesses. ... With my business background, I understand the items in our West Virginia tax code that hurt us," DeVault said.

District 75 will be represented by Republican Phil Mallow with 54.51% of voters over Democrat Stephanie Tomana. House of Delegates District 76 member will be represented by Democrat Joey Garcia with 54.5% of votes over Republican John Dodds.

"I'm just grateful to the people of Marion County and this new 76th District for giving me the opportunity to come back and serve again. I think there's a lot of good things that we can do- continue to get broadband internet services to all of Marion County, get better water services, to knock down blighted buildings. So I'm just very lucky and very honored," Garcia said.

Garcia said his hope is for citizens of Marion County to not worry about who is going to help them. With better relationships and time spent in the county, he hopes to be the person they go to.

"I've already built relationships in this last campaign that I think are even better. My hope ... is to have better contacts to be able to focus more time on West Fairmont, Rivesville, Grantown, Baxter, Fairview, Barrackville, Farmington, so that I can really get in depth and get to know the people even better," Garcia said.

For U.S House, Republican candidate Alexander Mooney took the lead over Democratic candidate Barry Lee Wendell with 56.39% of the vote.

Second District State Senator, Republican Charles Clements won with 59.67% of the vote over Democrat Eric Hayhurst.

Republican Mike Oliverio, with 59.34% of voters, will serve as Senator for District 13 over Democrat Barbara Evans Fleischauer. The seat was previously held by Democrat Bob Beach who chose to run for Monongalia County Commission.

"We're so excited with the outcome tonight. I enjoyed serving Marion County in the past in the State Senate. I look forward to returning and doing that again," Oliverio said.

Oliverio said his campaign was based on improving roads and bridges, infrastructure, broadband, improving our public schools, trying to help with these inflationary issues, trying to help our senior citizens, increasing the Homestead Exemption, addressing crime issues- specifically with fentanyl and opioid usage.

"So those are the things we're going to try to improve and many more. ... I'm so thankful to Marion County for helping deliver this victory. We couldn't have won without their help and they have a new Senator starting in January," Oliverio said.

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