Independence girl injured in crash showing no signs of brain activity

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Forty-eight hours after a bad wreck blamed on a pothole, a 7-year-old Independence girl is showing no signs of brain activity but is still on life support at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City.

Since FOX4’s reporting on this situation, the Missouri Department of Transportation has put up a long line of traffic cones around the potholes on East 23rd Street Trafficway.

The potholes are still there with MoDOT saying that a likely water main break will need to be repaired before the potholes can be filled.

A spokesperson for Kansas City said they do not have any water mains or ground pipes in the area.

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None of this information is soothing to people who’ve had run-ins with the spot before the bad wreck with the little girl.

Family members blame the pothole for causing this crash that happened just before 5 p.m. Monday.

Tiler Dildine is a first grade student out of Independence. Her family said she was hit broadside after the Suburban she rode in crossed the median, overcorrecting after hitting the pothole.

The family has set up a GoFundMe for Tiler Dildine and her mother.

Rachel McGee, Dildine’s aunt, said she has had no change in brain swelling and was even taken off pain medicine to see if she would react but there was nothing.

Dildine’s mother is also hospitalized with a potentially broken pelvis and other health issues. The driver of the F-150 involved was also listed in critical condition immediately after the crash.

It’s disturbing for Moriah Cox who banged-up her car in the pothole about 24 hours before the wreck that hurt Dildine.

“It was so hard, you know? I’m just surprised my car went over it. I’m surprised I didn’t lose control,” Cox said, showing pictures of her shredded passenger side tires.

Cox says she called 311 Monday morning.

“Spoke to somebody for four minutes and 26 seconds. And she literally told me it could take 60 days to fill this pothole,” Cox said of her 311 conversation, showing the call log on her cell phone.

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“My friend got off work last night and she drove by the potholes again. And she was like, they had some kind of a-frame [sign] in front of the biggest one. But someone had blown it to smithereens,” Cox said.

“I called the police,” Cox said, “and the police even said ‘Oh, did you call 311 to report this?’ And I’m like ‘Yeah, I did. On Monday morning. However, why are you telling me to call 311?'”

“I understand normal potholes. But this is an issue. And especially because somebody wrecked and people are hurt, you know what I mean?” Cox said.

“Like, why did it have to come to this? Like, why couldn’t it have been me? I would have rather it been me than some little girl. You know? I know how this mother feels. It’s really sad,” Cox said.

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FOX4 has been asking the city of Kansas City as well as MoDOT if they had received any reports about this pothole ahead of the crash or even before then. Both said they had not.

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