India COVID cases top 20 million, halting cricket

India's first drive-in vaccination facility opened on Tuesday in Mumbai as coronavirus infections in the hard-hit country surged past 20 million amid growing calls for a national lockdown.

As COVID-19 tears through the country, experts say many cases are going undetected.

The surge has coincided with a dramatic drop in vaccinations due to supply and delivery problems.

But on Tuesday, the elderly and those most at risk in Mumbai poured into the vaccination center to get their jabs while staying in their cars.

And even though aid is now coming in from other countries, India's health care system is falling apart.

Hospitals are running out of beds and oxygen and unable to help many who are critically ill.

The situation is so dire that the country's beloved cricket league was suspended on Tuesday.

With an estimated brand value of nearly $7 billion, the Indian Premier League tournament had been played without spectators to huge TV audiences - but has been severely criticized for continuing while the healthcare system is in collapse.

Also being criticized: Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government - for allowing religious festivals and political gatherings attended by hundreds of thousands of people - to go on.

Now, his government is reluctant to impose a national lockdown for fear of the economic fallout.

In response, opposition leader Rahul Gandhi has said a national lockdown was desperately needed, and that it was the "only option.”

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