India has its first best actor International Emmy nominee

Arjun Mathur has made history as India's first best actor nominee at the International Emmy Awards. The virtual ceremony will be held Monday, Nov. 23. Arjun is nominated for his work in the Amazon series 'Made in Heaven.' (Nov. 20)

Video Transcript

- Made in Heaven believes the wedding should celebrate the couple. The team should tell their story. Love.

- Buds.

- Roses and skies.

- Pink and blue.

- Blush and sparkle.

- This is your wedding.

ARJUN MATHUR: I've been acting for, like, 13-plus years now. And it's, you know-- and a lot of the work that I've been doing is outside of the mainstream commercial Bollywood fare. So it's been a long and hard journey, and this validation feels amazing.



This is who I am. I'm sorry.

ARJUN MATHUR: People have really accepted and showered a lot of love on this character just by way of just relating to him in a way that people have not, in India at least, being able to relate to queer characters on screen before, you know?

- It's done with. It's your little secret. Just take it with you. Bury it deep in the ground.

- But what about honesty?

- Baby, that boat has sailed, OK?

ARJUN MATHUR: You know, weddings have less to do with just the bride and groom and the love they share. It's really-- an Indian wedding is so much more about the family, and that brings so many egos and dynamics and all this [? dichotomy. ?] It's really like a soap opera, like, to the hilt.