India floods, landslides leave at least 125 dead

Indian authorities said Saturday at least 125 people have died after torrential monsoon rains sparked major landslides and flooding in the western state of Maharahtra.

Trees were uprooted, vehicles were displaced and roads were damaged, as dams and rivers overflowed.

The country’s west coast received up to 23 inches of rainfall over 24 hours.

Authorities have evacuated people from areas near riverbanks, while the navy and army were helping rescue people in coastal areas.

Some 100 miles southeast of India's financial capital Mumbai, a landslide flattened an entire town.

A few dozen people are believed to be trapped in other districts, after several homes collapsed in the landslides.

Hundreds of villages have lost power and access to drinking water, while thousands of trucks were stuck on a national highway as parts of the road were submerged.

Seasonal monsoon rains from June to September cause deaths and mass displacement across South Asia every year.

But they also deliver over 70% of India's rainfall, crucial for the nation's farmers.

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