India gets its first biryani vending machine

STORY: Have you ever tried biryani from a vending machine at 3 a.m.?

This fully automated biryani dispensing kiosk has just opened in India

Locator: Chennai, India

[Faheem, Founder and CEO, Bai Veetu Kalyanam]

"This is a new attempt that we have tried doing it in India because many people have seen vending machine, automatic self-ordering kiosks in abroad, especially in Japan and other countries. So, basically in India, we don't have such kind of an automated technology where in…they still have to go to a biller, counter, cashier and then they have to place an order by seeing the face (of a person)."

Customers make their selections via touchscreens

and receive their warm meal in around three to five minutes

[Srinivasa, Customer]

"I came to visit here and I ordered a chicken biriyani and the experience is too good and the biryani is too hot."