India says border dispute with China remains 'unresolved'

A border dispute between India and China remains "unresolved", India's defence minister said on Tuesday (September 15).

Troops of the two countries are locked in their most serious face-offs for years along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) or informal border in the western Himalayas, raising fears of a broader conflict.

Bilateral relations have been unusually tense since a clash at a disputed border area in June that killed 20 Indian soldiers, with an unknown number of Chinese casualties.

Singh said Indian and Chinese troops have had face-offs on the unsettled border in the past, but the scale of deployment of troops and the number of disputed areas was much more than in previous years.

The two sides have long observed a protocol avoiding the use of firearms in the undemarcated frontier, though violence has erupted in the past.

Video Transcript


INTERPRETER: As the House is aware, the question over the India-China border is unresolved. China disagrees with the customary and traditional alignment of the boundary between India and China.


I want to assure the House that we are ready to deal with all situations.


As of now, the Chinese site has mobilized a huge number of army battalions and armaments along the LAC and inner areas. Our armed forces have made appropriate counter deployments in response to the actions by China, in eastern Ladakh and [INAUDIBLE] and Kongka La and Pangong Lake's north and south banks, and many areas where there is friction, so that India's security interests are fully protected.