India Sends 'Oxygen Express' Train Amid Record New Coronavirus Cases

Tankers carrying liquid oxygen were transported by train from Bokaro to Lucknow on April 25, as India continued to face severe oxygen shortages amid record new cases of coronavirus.

This footage, released by Minister of Railways Piyush Goyal, shows the “Oxygen Express” train travelling past Radhagaon, near Bokaro, to Lucknow on Sunday.

Local reports said a consignment of 51,000 litres of medical oxygen was delivered to Uttar Pradesh from the refilling plant in Bokaro on Saturday.

“The Oxygen Express, which was sent yesterday morning to increase the availability of oxygen in Uttar Pradesh, has returned from Bokaro to Lucknow today,” Piyush Goyal wrote on Twitter. “This train loaded with liquid medical oxygen will reach Lucknow soon, and will ensure adequate amount of oxygen for the patients.”

India reported a record 349,691 new coronavirus cases on Sunday, as hospitals continued to struggle with supplies of medical oxygen. Credit: Piyush Goyal via Storyful