India the tiger to be transferred to ranch in North Texas

India was turned over safely Saturday and has been receiving medical attention at a Houston BARC facility. Soon, the tiger will be heading out to a ranch to live with other tigers.

Video Transcript

T.J. PARKER: This is a really happy ending. Because the good news is, the tiger was found safe and healthy. This, after Houston police and BARC took it into custody late last night.

- Commander, it's been a long week, looking for this guy.

- It really has. But we got him. And he's healthy.

T.J. PARKER: HPD tweeted this video after taking India into custody. They got a tip from someone who knew the wife of the tiger's suspected owner, Victor Cuevas, Gia, who handed the tiger over. They're not sure where the tiger was for the past week, after seen on cell phone video, roaming a West Houston neighborhood. But their main goal was to get it somewhere safe, and they're thankful that's what happened.

- I think the public thought it'd be easy to catch a tiger, but it wasn't at all. I'm glad it-- I presumed right, that it was still in Houston, and I'm glad it worked out this way. Yeah, we're going to keep investigating. Just because we got India back today doesn't mean there's not other exotic animals in the city of Houston. I'd like to round them all up and put them in a safe environment. It's not safe in an apartment, not safe in a house. They need to be with other animals.

T.J. PARKER: The tiger spent the night here at BARC. It has been a busy morning so far here at BARC. Staff from Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch are expected to come and get the tiger this morning. They are an animal sanctuary in North Texas. They have several tigers up there. Of course, when they get here this morning and we see India go with them, we'll be sure to bring that to you. Reporting live this morning, I'm T.J. Parker, ABC13 Eyewitness News.