Indian teams scale mountains to bring vaccines

In the northern region of Lidderwat, more than 62 miles from the capital of India-administered Kashmir, medical teams have had to trek more than six hours on foot and ponies to reach nomadic and shepherd tribes in the mountains.

Vaccination drive reaches the lower regions in urban areas easily but reaching these spots is extremely difficult but also extremely important," said Nair Khan, the medical officer of the team.

On Thursday (June 10) morning, a team of over a dozen health workers carrying medical kits and equipment, including oxygen cylinders, reached Lidderwat.

In a meadow surrounded by mountain peaks, the workers set up the vaccination site, donning blue protective suits as people gathered.

But part of the challenge was also to convince people.

Despite being among the world's major producers of coronavirus vaccines, India faces a mammoth task in inoculating its 1.3 billion people, partly due to the logistical challenges of reaching remote areas and skepticism and lack of knowledge about the process.

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