An Indian vlogger who criticized his hospital care in his last video has died from COVID-19

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New Delhi India hospital COVID
A health worker in PPE tends to a patient at ESIC (Indira Gandhi) Hospital Jhilmil, on April 22, 2021 in New Delhi, India. Raj K Raj/Hindustan Times/Getty Images
  • Rahul Vohra, an Indian vlogger, died from COVID-19, his wife announced in an Instagram post Monday.

  • In his final social media posts, Vohra criticized the hospital care he was receiving in the country.

  • India is battling a second wave of coronavirus infections, leaving many hospitals overwhelmed.

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Just one day after slamming the quality of his hospital care, Indian actor and YouTuber Rahul Vohra, died from COVID-19, his wife said in an Instagram post Monday.

The popular vlogger amassed a large following with his short, comical videos posted to Facebook and Youtube, which often wracked up tens of millions of views.

His wife, Jyoti Tiwari, confirmed Vohra's death in an Instagram post Monday shared alongside a final video of her husband in a Delhi hospital. In the video, Vohra criticized the medical care he had received thus far.

"You try and call out for the attendant, but they don't come," he said. "They come in an hour's time or more, and you have to manage in their absence somehow."

"My Rahul has left us, everyone knows that but, no one knows how he left us," Tiwari said in her Instagram post, criticizing the hospital. "I hope my husband will get justice."

India is battling a massive COVID-19 surge amid the spread of more contagious variants. The country reached a grim milestone Saturday with a new record of more than 4,000 deaths. Hospitals in the country have been overwhelmed with patients amid severe shortages of beds, the drug remdesivir, and medical oxygen.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has thus far resisted growing calls for a nationwide lockdown.

"I would have lived had I received better treatment," Vohra wrote in his final Facebook post before his death, tagging Prime Minister Modi's Facebook page in the post.

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