Indiana teacher uses plastic covering to hug students amid coronavirus outbreak

An elementary school teacher has created a "free hugs booth" on her front door so she can safely embrace her students again during the pandemic. Teacher Kelsey Pavelka, with the help of her wife, Shelby, fashioned a plastic see-through cover complete with sleeves to make the no-contact hugging possible between her and her students. The Indiana same-sex couple used a vinyl shower curtain, rain ponchos, shoe covers, and jumbo-sized ziplock bags. A 'quarantine hugs' signboard on how to use the booth properly, with emphasis to disinfecting, was placed on its left side so the students will know what to do. The modified plastic cover was placed into their front door so passing students can stop by and have a small chat with her their teacher, while embracing for emotional support during the difficult lockdown period. Kelsey said: "Most students ran up to my door squealing. Then we hug a bunch of times and talk about all the things we've been doing. There's usually a lot of jokes told and dance moves on display!" Kelsey and her partner recorded the heartwarming moment at their home in Muncie, Indiana, on May 7.