Indiana traffic: I-80/94 crash seriously injures truck driver, causing delays

A crash on I-80/94 near Lake Station caused major delays Tuesday morning, according to Indiana State Police.

Video Transcript

ROZ VARON: Yeah, definitely, there is, not on the Illinois side, which looks fine. But in Northwest Indiana, we had a very serious crash happen about 2 o'clock this morning eastbound on 80/94, right around Ripley. Here's the snapshot from the NDOT website, but take a look at this video.

What happened was there was a double-trailer FedEx truck that you see right there was stopped on the eastbound side by Ripley because of a crash. Another semi rear-ended the FedEx truck. All kinds of debris was scattered across the roadway. One of the trailers was hauling paint, so there was paint that was spilled there. And the driver of the semi that caused the crash had such serious injuries, they had to be airlifted and taken to the University of Chicago Hospital.

Now, they have opened up one lane. The left shoulder is open to traffic during the ongoing investigation and cleanup, but state police say it could be hours until they get all of that debris and the investigation completed. We'll keep you updated. Right now, the backup starts before I-65.