Indictment Details Inside Northern California Extremist Group With Reported Ties To Bugaloo Movement

A Turlock man is accused of founding a militia-style group connected to the killing of two officers in 2020.

Video Transcript

- A Turlock man is accused of founding a militia-style group connected to the killing of two officers in 2020. The so-called California Grizzly Scouts was part of the Boogaloo movement based in Northern California.

- CBS13's Steve Large is live at the federal courthouse with what court documents are revealing about the extremist group tonight. Steve.

STEVE LARGE: Yeah, these court documents taking us inside this radical organization, an organization that trained for combat and allegedly led to the deaths of these two officers.

Unusual attire-- Hawaiian shirts and heavy tactical gear-- are the signature uniforms of so-called Boogaloo groups, an antigovernment, anti-law-enforcement movement now linked to the deadly shootings of a federal officer and a sheriff deputy over a one-week span in 2020. Former Travis Air Force base airman Steven Carrillo is charged in the killings.

Now the US attorney's office has unsealed an indictment charging four other members of Carrillo's Boogaloo extremist group called the Grizzly Scouts with conspiracy, including Jesse Rush of Turlock, the founder of the so-called Grizzly Scouts who held the rank of major in the group. Court documents show Carrillo message the group, "Dudes, I offed a fed." And before allegedly killing a deputy he messaged the group, "Kit up and get here. There's only one road in and out. Take them out when they're coming in."

GLENN NORLING: The Boogaloos have kind of become the new militia.

STEVE LARGE: Glenn Norling is a retired FBI agent who specialized in violent domestic extremist groups.

GLENN NORLING: This is very much a performance oriented. They don't want people that are just members to say we have 10,000 members. They want the 15 members that are willing to go out and do the most extreme of the extreme.

STEVE LARGE: The court documents also show members signed nondisclosure agreements, liability release waivers, and used a scorecard to assess their combat, firearms, and medical training.

GLENN NORLING: They're trying to push their agenda, and they want their supporters.

STEVE LARGE: An inside look into this homegrown extremist organization in Northern California training, then targeting two officers and taking their lives in the line of duty.

GLENN NORLING: The Turlock founder of this group is in federal custody. He's due back before a judge on Wednesday.

- Steve, thank you.