Indonesian soup kitchen feeds those in self-isolation

Hospitals are packed in Jakarta as the Indonesian capital grapples with a COVID-19 surge, so a pack of volunteers is cooking up some comfort for those forced to isolate at home.

The highly-infectious Delta variant has left hospitals short on beds - more than 90% occupied.

One organization hoping to make the situation a little less dire is Dompet Dhuafa, which means 'Wallet For The Poor'.

They deliver free meals to the doorstep of those who have no choice but to try and recover at home.

Ahmad Yamin is one of the coordinators for the non-profit.

"Many hospitals are full out there and (people) can't go to a hospital because most of the emergency rooms are full, and also there is also an oxygen shortage at the moment. We've decided to create this kitchen station to help people around this neighbourhood, and give them nutritious food that we hope can boost their immune systems to recover as soon as possible."

Badie Uzzaman volunteers to deliver the care packages.

The 26-year-old speeds around in a three-wheeler, to as many as 70 houses in one day.

He's aware of the risk - but driven to a greater good.

"I do feel scared, always worried all the time as I have family and always come back home after work. But I've fallen in love with humanity after all, and that is what makes me believe everything will be fine."

Indonesia's struggling with daily records highs of cases, approaching 57,000 new infections in the last week.

That's seven times from one month ago.

However, the hospital bed shortage means some of those infected simply die at home.

Meanwhile Badie and his crew are packing away meals, joined by some in the community helping to make things a little easier.

Their success so far - has meant Dompet Dhuafa is looking into opening another two kitchens to bring comfort to more Jakarta doorsteps.

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