Indonesia's coronavirus cases top one million

It's a familiar situation across the world.

But no less shocking.

In Indonesia the hospitals are full of patients gasping for breath.

And graves are being hastily dug.

The Southeast Asian nation officially passing a grim milestone Tuesday - one million coronavirus cases.

The world's fourth-most-populous country has struggled since last March to get the COVID-19 pandemic under control.

Deaths from the respiratory disease now total 28,468.

Those numbers are among the highest across Asia. Health experts believe the true spread of the disease could be three times higher.

West Java has been facing some of the highest infection rates across the country.

Reuters spoke to residents in Bogor, a city south of Jakarta on Java Island.

"This situation is very worrying. Maybe it's the lack of public awareness, but in my opinion, people just don't want to know (about the situation) or they don't care about it (the problem). Things like wearing masks and washing hands should be mandatory, but even in big cities they don't consider it as an obligation."

"If we believe that COVID will attack us, it will definitely attack us, but if we are sure that COVID will not attack us, and we surrender to God, we will definitely not get it."

The Indonesian government started a mass vaccination campaign and tightened movement restrictions earlier this month.

It can't come soon enough as hospitals come under mounting strain.

Dozens of COVID-19 patients have reportedly been turned away due to a lack of beds and ventilators.