Indoor dining, movie theaters, gyms in LA County will open under red tier

L.A. County will officially move into the state's less-restrictive red tier on Monday, with the state achieving a milestone of 2 million COVID-19 vaccine doses in hard-hit communities.

Video Transcript

- Get ready. LA County is preparing to enter that red tier, clearing the way for even more businesses to start to reopen.

- Eyewitness News reporter John Gregory, live in the newsroom with details on the big shift. John?

JOHN GREGORY: Yeah, life's about to get a little closer to normal, Mark. Health officials say, we could move into the less restrictive red tier in just a few days, and that could mean a meal inside at your favorite restaurant. Boy, it's been a while.

There will still be restrictions, of course. Capacity will be limited to 25%. Diners will have to be spaced out about eight feet, and groups will be limited to six people from the same household. Diners, of course, can currently eat outside at restaurants, but getting indoors is where a lot of people want to be.

KEVIN KOOPS: A lot of feedback from our customers. They're anxious to come inside. They're tired of being outside.

BARBARA FERRER: As we do these reopenings, we've been here before. If we're not really careful, it can result in an increase in cases.

JOHN GREGORY: Now, here's a look at other businesses that will be able to reopen if we get into that red tier. Museums, zoos, and aquariums can have indoor capacity at 25%. Gyms can have 10% capacity indoors, and then retail and personal care businesses can have up to 50%. So big changes on the way. Obviously, as the case numbers continue to drop, we could see more restrictions lifted in the weeks ahead. So it's certainly good news, and it could all start on Monday.