Infamous blogger Myroslav Oleshko allegedly flees Ukraine with a fake border permit purchased for $15,000

Myroslav Oleshko
Myroslav Oleshko

Ukrainian blogger Myroslav Oleshko, considered controversial for urging Ukrainian men to flee the country, has himself left Ukraine on allegedly false papers, Ukrainian news network TSN reported, citing anonymous sources in law enforcement, on Dec. 4.

According to TSN’s sources, Oleshko fled Ukraine through the Starokozache checkpoint in the Odesa region on Aug. 28, 2023. As able-bodied men are barred from leaving the borders of Ukraine during martial law, Oleshko is believed to have purchased a forged medical certificate exempting him from duty.

After the start of the full-scale Russian invasion, Oleshko moved from Kyiv to Ternopil, where he received a summons for a medical examination in late April. The blogger was summoned to the district’s military draft office and underwent a medical examination at the Ternopil Regional Military Medical Commission. The Ternopil Commission found no health issues, and he was issued a certificate of fitness for military service.

On May 13, 2022, Oleshko was supposed to report to the military enlistment office to join the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but according to government records, instead returned to Kyiv.

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TSN’s law enforcement source emphasized that several aspects of the medical certificate used by Oleshko to leave the country indicate that it was a forgery.

"The corner stamp on the fitness certificate is embossed, not printed, as on the certificate,” the source explained.

“Also, on Oleshko’s identification and certificate, there are corresponding stars on the heraldic seal of the Military Commissariat, which has not been on the original seal for a long time. The identification number № 014326/2 is invalid because /2 does not exist in such a form. Under the number 014326, a completely different person is registered.”

That source added that forged medical certificates are often available for purchase for around $5,00 to $8,000 from current or former employees of the draft system, with an additional $3,000 surcharge for entering the forged certificate into the digital “Oberih” database used by the Ukrainian border service. Thus, the total cost of fleeing the country likely ran the blogger anywhere from $8,000 to $11,000.

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Oleshko last appeared on Ukrainian television two weeks ago when he claimed on Kyiv-24 TV channel that he left legally but could not provide more details.

TSN reports that corrupt military officials helped him to leave the country, adding that it turned out he suffers from "numerous disorders of the nervous system, the heart of an 88-year-old grandfather, and complete unsuitability for military service."

After his escape abroad, Oleshko announced on social media that he was in Austria and urged others to follow his example and leave Ukraine. Later, the blogger deleted this video from his YouTube channel. Comments left by Ukrainian netizens on his content have been largely derisive, negative, and mocking.

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