Infiniti Platforms: A Call to Parents to Protect Their Children's Future - British Blended Learning Defeating Coronavirus in Schools

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It is vital that no child is denied education due to the COVID-19 epidemic

EDINBURGH, Scotland, March 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Infiniti Platforms (, a UK-based startup with Greek tech offices, and its employees are proud to announce that students, teachers, tutorial centers, schools, language centers, charities and universities in over 100 countries are using its virtual classrooms to counter Coronavirus.

In order to fight the Coronavirus epidemic, Infiniti Platforms has been offering educational institutions and governments rapid implementations, free staff training and 24/7 customer support to ease and facilitate an immediate transition. Infiniti Platforms has increased its staff by 100% in the past several weeks and is prepared to offer access to millions of more students in the upcoming weeks. Angelo Palyvos, COO, has been communicating to schools that, "Fear and danger is being overcome with the systematic implementation of Infiniti Platforms. We are doing our part to assist teachers with specialized software designed for teaching and online learning management. Schools are realizing that generic videoconferencing (Skype/Zoom) software is inadequate for the goals of learning and that Infiniti delivers a teaching experience that is as good as or even better than the traditional learning experience." Alastair Fisher, a Scotsman born in Malaysia who has made Greece his home and is also known as one of its best tutors, CEO, is "determined that everything possible is done by school management teams and governments to use available technologies to facilitate undisrupted learning in a safe environment." He pleads, "decision makers in the education industry to take the appropriate step to protect our children's education with learning environments that are fit for the purpose. We are working with Parents to petition their schools and governments to demand appropriate tools such as Infiniti are used. Parents can reach out to us via so that we may assist them in petitioning their schools."

Infiniti was founded to expand access to education and we believe that everyone should be able to teach and learn anytime, anywhere. COVID-19 and its spread is now a reality and many schools have been slow to react appropriately and protect their communities. Those that have - by using the virtual classroom technology offered by Infiniti - have been able to ensure smooth operations by taking advantage of the market's leading online learning technology.

From California to Hong Kong, we have seen proactive educationalists take the appropriate measures to ensure their students continue to receive an education in a safe environment. Moreover, they are taking the socially responsible step of limiting unnecessary contact and decreasing the chances of community spread. Evgenia Maltezou, CTO claims that, "We are working around the clock to ensure that our technology gives as many students as possible the chance to continue their studies and protect families from spreading Coronavirus."

Indeed, we understand more than most the threat that a new virus can have on children's education. With members of our team teaching in West Africa during the Ebola outbreak we were inspired to share a technology that could ensure that safe access to education was never impeded. Debbie Gispan, Managing Director of Panoba Education, a UK-Nigerian educational consultancy says that "Infiniti Platforms introduced to our network of schools with great fanfare and support – all children in the world should be able to continue their studies regardless of how this epidemic plays out."

Infiniti Platforms is immediately available for educators no matter how large or small they are. Together, we will win the fight against Coronavirus.


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