This Inflatable Game Table Comes With Chairs And Waterproof Cards For The Ultimate Pool Day

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Photo credit: Swimline
Photo credit: Swimline

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Whether you spend most of the summer in a pool or lake, you’re going to need a bunch of pool floats to take a day in the sun to the next level. We bet you don’t have anything like Swimline’s Waterproof Game Station Float, but it’ll become the reason why no one will want to get out of the water.

The game table comes with two inflatable sling seats that have built-in drink holders. The table and seats connect with bungee ball ties, so you’ll be comfortably drifting as you deal out a hand of poker, go fish, solitaire, or whatever card game comes to mind.

Now, you might be thinking that water and paper cards don’t go together, and you’re right. But the inflatable table and chairs come with waterproof playing cards, so you don’t have to worry about someone doing a cannonball in the middle of a game.

The Waterproof Game Station Float is available on Amazon Prime for less than $40. The table even has outlines for where to place the cards for four players to gather around for a game.

“Best think I ever bought!!! Just got it today and haven’t got outta the pool,” one buyer wrote. “Works awesome. Love it. Will buy another as a gift for my mom who loves playing cards in the pool,” wrote another.

As if it weren’t already inevitable that you’d be spending most of your hours in the pool this summer, now you have a fun activity that will guarantee you won’t want to get out.

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