Inflation strains Yemeni families as Ramadan nears

Clinging to tradition - How Yemenis are preparing for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan despite war and a pandemic.

Video Transcript


LEAH HARDING: Six years of war and a global pandemic. Now, on top of that, inflation. Nabil a father and earns a daily wage, but he said it's not enough to deal with the rising cost of living. And that's making shopping for essentials in preparation for the start of Ramadan a difficult task.

- (VIA TRANSLATOR) We were not able to buy much. We still need to buy rice, sugar, and flour like everyone else. God knows we are tired of the war. We have been displaced. We have been left hungry. Only God is aware of our situation.

LEAH HARDING: The city of Taiz is still under a blockade by the Houthi rebels, restricting aid and imports, forcing prices to increase. The UN says fuel prices have tripled in some areas, and according to a report by the Ministry of Social Affairs, 5 million Yemenis have lost their jobs.

- (VIA TRANSLATOR) Merchants buy and sell the way they like, and money changers do what they want. The government is absent.

LEAH HARDING: Despite an increase in COVID-19 cases, markets are crowded in preparation for Ramadan.

- (VIA TRANSLATOR) The prices are very high, especially with the rise in the exchange rates. The rise of the US dollar and the Saudi rial is increasing our cost of living.


LEAH HARDING: This will be the sixth holy month since the start of the war. Many of these children don't a different life. Like millions of other Yemenis, Nabil and his family will have to make do with what little they can afford. Leah Harding Al Jazeera.