Influencer accused of ruining wedding after passing out during ceremony

Jadé Tuncdoruk — better known asjadetunchy on social media — recently posteda video on TikTok of the moment she passed outin the middle of a friend’s wedding ceremony.In the video, Jadé passes out fromheatstroke right as the bride and groomare about to share their first kiss.Jadé’s boyfriend — who appears to be one ofthe groomsmen — tries to rush to her aid.However, another groomsman stops himfrom running in front of the bride andgroom and ruining their ceremony.In a follow-up post, Jadé explained that the lastthing she wanted was to ruin her friend’s wedding.“I remember knowing I was going topass out cause I’d had heat stroke beforeand all I could think was ‘please don’tlet me ruin my friends wedding’”.However, some people were still upsetwith the influencer and her boyfriend foralmost ruining such a special moment —.“That wedding kiss is something they planned formonths and spent a thousands on I think it’s ok ifhe goes around instead of thru,” one person said.Other users chose instead to focus on howcaring and concerned Jadé’s boyfriend was.“What a legend!!! Now thats whatlove looks like,” one user added.For what it’s worth, Jadé explained in acomment on the post that the bride andgroom didn’t even catch wind of what hadtranspired until after the ceremony

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