Influencer breaks down over lost followers

The economic impact of the global pandemic

is affecting everyone — even influencers.

In light of what’s happening,

Australian influencer Billie Beever

took to TikTok to share her frustrations.

In a teary-eyed video, she told her 23,000

followers that she’s “losing subscribers on

OnlyFans,” her “main source of income".

In the caption of the video, she also

refers to herself as an “essential worker".

“This is really difficult to talk about

because it’s so humiliating,” she

says. “I can’t pay my rent anymore".

Beever adds that even if she

wanted to go back to work, the strip

clubs are “all closed down as well".

On social media, responses to

Beever’s video have been mixed.

Some people have expressed their

sympathy for the influencer, saying that

she deserves respect like everyone else.

“A loss of income and not being able

to do your job is distressing for anyone.

Leave moral judgement out of it".

Other users, however, think

that Beever should simply use this

newfound free time to learn a new skill.

“Get some training, get a job!”

another user commented. “Surprisingly

thats what many of us have to do"