Informants of occupiers exposed in Dnipro and Pokrovsk


The Security Service of Ukraine reported that it had exposed another interregional Russian agent network after conducting a multi-course operation. The perpetrators worked as artillery observers in the frontline districts in Eastern and Southern Ukraine.

Source: the Security Service of Ukraine on Telegram

Quote: "In Donetsk Oblast, two Russian agents provided occupiers with location of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including the location of combat positions of multiple-launch rocket systems HIMARS.

Informants were recruited by members of FSB after the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. They were chosen by Russian special services due to their pro-Kremlin position which they have publicly demonstrated repeatedly".


Details: The Security Service of Ukraine detained both agents in Pokrovsk as they were trying to hand over the intelligence data to the Russians.

Another associate of the occupiers was busted in Dnipro. He was an inmate in one of the correctional facilities of a Russian secret service and was recruited because of his connections in criminal circles.


The inmate established connection with his accomplices outside prison, using his hidden cell phone. The accomplices sent him the geolocation of Ukrainian checkpoints, which he, in his turn, handed over to the occupiers.



The suspects were accused of violating Article 114-2, part 2 (unauthorised spreading of information about transferring armament and ammunition to Ukraine, movements, relocation or deployment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The culprits will most likely be placed under pre-trial custody.

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