New information learned on the DeAngelo Allen case

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May 16—A key witness in the homicide of an Anniston man heard one of the defendants in the case shout "Kill him, kill him" before hearing several gunshots around the date of the man's disappearance.

DeAngelo Allen, 31, was last seen Sept. 21 when he went missing from the 1000 block of Old Coldwater Road.

According to court documents, the witness'testimony was heard at an Aniah's Law hearing May 8 for Gavin Snider, one of the people charged with Allen's death. Snider is charged with murder, along with co-defendant Keither Snider, his mother.

At the beginning of the year, Allen's disappearance was classified as "involuntary" by police, and it was only recently announced that police were now considering the case a homicide.

Both Keither and Gavin Snider's arrest warrants state that the two "caused the death" of Allen by means of a deadly weapon, "to-wit: a firearm."

An Anniston Star reporter sat down with Allen's mother, Adisa Pruitt, to discuss further details about the case. Pruitt stated that Allen and Keither were in a romantic relationship at one point, and Allen was living with Keither at the time of his disappearance.

According to Pruitt's account of the hearing, a witness who lived in the household with the Sniders, Hallie Johnson, said she heard an altercation between Keither and Allen while in another room. Court documents state that at some point during the altercation, Gavin Snider intervened and began arguing as well.

According to court documents on the Aniah's Law hearing, Johnson testified that she heard Keither yelling, "kill him, kill him," and then several gunshots.

"That was my first time hearing that — was at the [Aniah's Law] hearing," Pruitt said.

"It was my first time hearing about what the argument was about, and that Keither actually said 'kill him, kill him.' But I had heard previously that Keither ordered Gavin to kill Dee," she continued.

At one point, Pruitt said she called Johnson on Facebook Messenger from Allen's account and Johnson answered.

Talking to someone else in the room, Pruitt said Johnson said over the phone, "they're asking about him, what should I do?" and then hung up the phone.

Pruitt said she believes the police questioned Johnson initially when Keither and Gavin were in the room.

"I think that she was just afraid to say anything because we were questioning her around them," Pruitt said.

Court records indicate that on July 9, 2022, Keither filed a protection order against Allen, stating that she was afraid of Allen.

However, Pruitt said Johnson testified at the hearing that the argument was over Allen's cell phone. Keither wanted to go through Allen's phone because he had reportedly began a relationship with someone else.

"That argument doesn't sound like a woman that's afraid. That argument sounds like one that's jealous," Pruitt said.

Pruitt went on to state that the last she spoke to her son was the night of September 15, when he called her while at Keither's house wanting her to order him and Keither a pizza.

"Again, you're so afraid of him but he's there and he's making sure that you eat," Pruitt said.

Keither is nearly 20 years older than Allen, according to Pruitt. She said it wasn't until the Aniah's Law hearing that she learned how Allen met Keither.

She said Allen met Gavin Snider while in the county jail. It was some time after the two were released from jail that Dee met Gavin's mother, and began a relationship with her.

"She wants to try to paint him like he was the bad guy and she was the victim," Pruitt said.

The two defendants are scheduled to have a preliminary hearing on June 1 in Judge Randy Moeller's court. While Gavin is being held without bond, Keither's bond is set at $350,000.

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