Initial reports show political committees raised millions to influence elections and ballot initiatives in Minneapolis

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New reports trickling in Tuesday offered a glimpse into the spending frenzy by political action committees seeking to influence the Minneapolis elections.

Yes 4 Minneapolis, the group that wrote a proposal clearing the way for officials to replace the Minneapolis Police Department, was working Tuesday afternoon to finish its report, said spokeswoman JaNaé Bates.

Bates said the group raised roughly $1.5 million in the nearly three months since the last filing period and had about $474,000 left to spend in the final push to the election.

Some groups that contributed to their efforts filed their own disclosure reports Tuesday, offering a partial preview of Yes 4 Minneapolis' supporters. Groups reporting new, six-figure donations to Yes 4 Minneapolis included: the national American Civil Liberties Union, Reclaim the Block (through its fiscal sponsor, TakeAction Minnesota), and Faith in Minnesota. Bates said the group also received donations from individuals, some as small as $3 each.

All of Mpls, a group leading some of the efforts to oppose that proposal, was still working to complete its report Tuesday night as well. That group raised roughly $1.4 million since the last filing period, campaign manager Leili Fatehi said in a statement.

All of Mpls announced Monday that it plans to make "a six figure investment in the final week" leading up to the election. In addition to opposing the proposal to replace MPD, the group is also encouraging voters to grant the mayor more power over the city's daily operations, to re-elect Mayor Jacob Frey and to support several council candidates.

Another new group, Charter for Change, which is pushing the "executive mayor" proposal, reported receiving more than $130,000 in funding from the Minneapolis Regional Chamber.

While some groups were working into the night to complete their reports, they also have the option to send them via mail, if they were postmarked by Tuesday.

Staff reporter Jessie Van Berkel contributed to this report.

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