Injured woman with no memory a true mystery for Croatian police

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Croatian police and the public have joined forces to hunt for clues surrounding an amnesiac woman who was found injured on a remote beach with no recollection of her name or background.

The mystery of the blonde woman in her 60s who speaks fluent English has spread around the world as authorities have yet to establish her identity nine days after she was found. Fishers spotted her shouting for help while sitting on a jagged rock on the island of Krk, a tourist destination, according to Total Croatia News.


This undated photo provided by the Croatian Police shows an unidentified woman who was found on the Adriatic island of Krk on Sept. 12, 2021. (Croatian Police via AP)

The woman had bloody facial injuries and was taken to a hospital, where she is in stable condition. She spent the night sitting on the rock in a location that was so remote that rescuers had to hike two miles to reach her, according to People. Her backpack was found some distance from where she was spotted and contained mosquito spray and a wallet with no identification or money.

Meanwhile, tips have been coming in from around the world, and police say they are looking at all of them. Several people on Twitter remarked that the woman possibly looked like someone they knew or even a missing person from Canada. One saleswoman in Krk said the woman visited her kiosk and spoke Croatian. Tourists said they met her on Sept. 9 and described a conversation, according to Croatian media.

"She told us about how she travels and that she is retired and her acquaintances are still working," one tourist said. "We talked about vaccinations that the lady did not want and was afraid that she would have to quarantine when she returned, which she also did not want.”

The tourist also said the woman revealed she was from Slovakia and that she turned off her phone and discarded the SIM card to avoid a 14-day quarantine when she went back home. She carried only her backpack and traveled the area by bus and train, the tourist said.


"It's very strange she was in the area at all. It is an extremely inaccessible part of the bay, with terribly sharp rocks, literally like razors that will cut the rubber on the soles of your shoes," People reported a witness as saying.

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