19-year-old identified as innocent woman killed in wrong-way crash with 'highly intoxicated' driver

Jaelyn "JaeRene" Chapman was only 19 years old and was already known for her big voice and community involvement in Houston.

Video Transcript

TOM KOCH: Start with that breaking news. Within the past 20 minutes, all lanes of the Westpark Tollway re-eppened-- reopened, I should say, after that deadly wrong-way crash.

SAMICA KNIGHT: One person has died and four other people are in bad shape in the hospital. This crash happened around 2:30 on the Westpark Tollway near Dunvale. ABC 13 reporter Courtney Fisher has been speaking with investigators all morning long. And, Courtney, they say the driver who caused this was highly intoxicated.

COURTNEY FISHER: Yeah, and now investigators confirm they believe he was very drunk. There was possibly more in his system. He actually survived this crash. So he's in the hospital where they're gonna run some tests and figure out exactly how intoxicated he was. As you said, Tom and Samica, the Westpark Tollway, all lanes reopened. But I want to show you video. The scene just cleared about 20 minutes ago. Take a look. This silver Infiniti, this is the car that the wrong-way driver was in.

Again, he Is expected to survive, in the hospital right now. The car he crashed into is the Honda sedan. A woman passenger in that car was the person killed. Three other people in that car hurt, and at least two of them we know very critically injured. Right now the Infiniti driver is charged with intoxication and manslaughter and assault. But more charges could follow and here's why.

- You know, what we're getting from the hospital is that there may be one or more deaths that haven't happened yet. So those charges, we're gonna hold off for a few hours to see the prognosis and whether or not hopefully it gets better.

COURTNEY FISHER: So sad. And now, the big question is, how long could this driver have been going the wrong way down the Westpark Tollway? Well, the Precint 5 chief says they just don't know at this point. It was strange. They didn't get any 911 calls about a wrong-way driver, so it's possible that this person was so out of it that he actually turned around on the tollway and then started to go to the wrong way. But again, that is just all preliminary. The investigation is ongoing. For now, reporting live, Courtney Fisher, ABC 13 Eyewitness News.