This Innovative Durag Has Gone Viral Just In Time For A Hoochie Daddy Summer

·2 min read

Beauty company WezTeck’s innovative durag has gone viral just in time for hoochie daddy summer.

A video showing men how to use the brand’s clip durag is blowing up on Twitter.

“The first thing you want to do is grab the headband portion and flip it upwards,” the Twitter user says as he demonstrates how to use the headgear. “Make sure you point some tension on your forehead.”

He then turns around and fastens the buckle and adjusts the straps, securing the durag in place.

The user also gives it a glowing review.

“Guys, amazing compression, snugs around your head perfectly, doesn’t slip when you go to sleep, doesn’t slip off. Imma give it a 10 out of 10,” he says in the video, which has garnered 2 million views on Twitter.

Viewers were mixed in the replies. Many praised the durag’s innovation, while others roasted the people who were interested.

“Wait until the old heads get ahold of this. That bluetooth earbud and durag combo finna go crazy,” one user replied.

“Does the buckle leave an imprint after a good nights rest? It’s going to be waves, waves, waves with an island in the back,” another asked with a laughing emoji.

One user suggested that if Drake catches wind of the clip durag, it will be his new summer go-to.

“Don’t let Drake see this,” they tweeted, along with a picture of the rapper wearing slicked braids.

A few viewers roasted the concept of needing to simplify the process of securing a durag.

“A grown man can’t tie a durag,” one naysayer tweeted.

“Bro this the laziest shi i ever seen u can tie it normal like yall been doing for years,” another added with the face palm emoji.

One viewer shared his own review of the clip durag.

“Great investment,” he wrote with a video of him wearing the headgear.

The clip durag retails for $19.99 on WezTeck.