Innovative hearing aid Eargo available for order

The Eargo hearing aid units, portable charger and base.

A new, virtually invisible hearing device launched Thursday that's described as a blend of high-end consumer electronics aesthetics with medical device engineering.

Characterized by the feather-like fibers that make it comfortable, Eargo was designed by otorhinolaryngologist (ENT) surgeon Dr. Florent Michel.

Called Flexi Fibers, they let the ear canal breathe and are said to enable some natural bass sounds to pass through.

Eargo comes in pairs with four pre-set sound profiles engineered to meet the needs of the majority of mild to moderate hearing loss cases.

The rechargeable units come with a pocket-sized portable charger.

If your hearing loss condition doesn't match the pre-set profiles, the company has a team of in-house audiologists on hand to custom-program the devices based on your audiograms.

Eargo has been unofficially available since 2013 when founders Dr. Michel and his son Raphael Michel, along with Daniel Shen, received seed capital from Maveron.

Just about everyone undergoes some hearing loss over time, says Mr. Michel, who says it begins typically in the 30s.

The father-son pair envisions a younger clientele than the seniors normally associated with hearing aids, hinting that earbuds, loud public sporting events and decibel-busting concerts account for increasing hearing loss.

"The category is no longer just about senior citizens," says David Wu, a general partner at Maveron. "Today, it encapsulates everyone from the ear bud wearing Millennials to a maturing Generation X and of course, a still very active Baby Boomer generation."

Eargo is available for purchase online at or by phone at 1-800-61-ERGO starting at $1,980.

The company offers a 60-day money back guarantee and financing is available.

Other invisible hearing aids include Soundlens, which is custom fit to each wearer's unique ear canal.

It clarifies high-frequency sounds such as the voices of women and children and promises no buzzing or whistling.

Parent company Starkey offers connected hearing aids that are compatible with your smartphone and the Apple watch.

Prices may vary depending on your condition,