This insane 'Bachelor' ending theory has whipped fans into a frenzy

This insane 'Bachelor' ending theory has whipped fans into a frenzy. Many “Bachelor” fans are painfully aware that no unofficial news has yet spilled on the lucky lady Peter Weber ends up with at this season’s end. The lack of credible spoilers has led viewers’ imaginations to run wild with speculations over who Weber may propose to. One recent fan theory shared on Reddit sees the 28-year-old pilot end up with one of the show’s producers, Julie LaPlaca. Host Chris Harrison himself has described this season’s ending as “unlike any other”. Reddit user Krallie says they are “98% confident” Peter ends up with LaPlaca . “A friend brought it up to me earlier and I just went down a rabbit hole investigating,” Krallie prefaces their thesis. “(Peter and LaPlaca) spent New Years Eve together, with his family,” Krallie points out. Photos prove that the producer rang in 2020 with Peter’s family at New York’s Carmine’s Italian Restaurant. It is possible that Peter and LaPlaca have simply developed a strong friendship after months of closely working together while taping the show. Only four women remain to vie for the Neil Lane engagement ring — Kelsey, Victoria F., Hannah Ann, and Madison. Monday’s episode will see Peter accompany each woman home to meet her family and see the town where she grew up