‘That’s insane’: City of East Point tells woman she owes more than $1,000 on water bill

Amari Hunter says she’s fed up with a growing water bill.

“I feel like I’m being taken advantage of,” Hunter said.

She told Channel 2 investigative reporter Ashli Lincoln that she owes $1,084 for April’s water bill.

She said that amount came after she paid off several other high bills that started occurring back in January.

“I got it down to zero dollars last month. The first bill I got was for $300, then I got one for $500,” she said.

Hunter said the city of East Point is telling her the increase is because of a leak on her end.


“It said that I used 97,000 gallons of water in a span of one month. That’s insane,” Hunter said.

Her landlord told Channel 2 Action News that he disputes claims coming from the city that the leak is on their end because he’s hired three plumbers to check out the property and they found no significant leak.

“We’ve actually dug up the meter, put it back in, tested the line on the other side of our meter, pressurized it,” the landlord said.

The city of East Point said they are now investigating the leak and won’t discontinue Hunter’s water service during this investigation.