Are These Insane Lacquered Panels What's Missing From Your Home?

Samantha Swenson
Photo credit: Nicole Fuller Interiors

From ELLE Decor

New York-based designer Nicole Fuller has made a name for herself creating homes that are both bold and refined. For a native New York couple, who previously commissioned Fuller to do their homes in Boston and Italy, she transformed their one-bedroom SoHo residence into the ultimate gilt pied-à-terre. From the living room and powder room, to the bedroom and closet-turned-office, the designer paid meticulous attention to detail—and it shows.

Photo credit: Nicole Fuller Interiors

In the living room, Fuller covered the largest wall in high-gloss lacquered panels to accentuate the height of the ceiling, an idea that took some time to convince her clients was the right move. “It’s difficult to show someone a 12-by-12 sample and say, ‘This is going to be a wall,’” Fuller says. Thankfully, her powers of persuasion are well honed. In the same room lives one of Fuller's most notable pieces: A sculptural sofa she had reupholstered in a luscious Loro Piana cashmere–juxtaposing the lacquer with warmth and texture.

Photo credit: Nicole Fuller Interiors

Fuller carried the lacquered paneling into the master bedroom, where blue high-gloss panels follow the curves of the ceiling; custom nightstands by Promemoria flank the bed; and geometric sconces from Pucci echo the room’s architectural details. Surprisingly, the office off the master bedroom was a former closet. Now, outfitted with a desk, chair from Maison Gerard, and wallpaper in a custom color, it’s a cozy office space. “My client texts me all the time from his closet office and tells me how much he loves it,” she says.

And that is precisely Fuller’s goal: to create a space that is not only designed with the client in mind, but one that exceeds their expectations. As they say, it’s all in the details.

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